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The mother of Mother’s Day scones

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I’d say that time constraints are involved in birthing novel solutions, too. Take, for instance, my Strawberry Vanilla Scones. These seasoned-perfectly-for-spring, flaky, triangles of goodness are the outcome of a need and a scarcity of time. Although they were created out of desperation, they have quickly become our favorite variation of my tried-and-true scone recipe. On the eve of a special event in our family, we decided that we needed a celebratory breakfast. I’m all for kicking an important day off with something special, but this decision was made too late for a trip to the store. Scones to the rescue! They make for the ideal special breakfast baked good because they are at their best when prepared ahead of time – making the morning meal easy. Set in the fridge overnight, the gluten in the dough relaxes, resulting in the best texture and fullest rise when baked. Plus, the basic scone recipe is ideal for mixing in whatever add-i

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