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Chicken pot pie: Leaping into the leap year with comfort food

While I’m prone to proclaiming spring and fall my favorite seasons, I must confess I have it bad for winter. What other months can you really double down on cozy? Couch camping sessions, pajama days, movie marathons, luxury throws and bowls of warm goodness are all reasons to applaud our colder months.   (written for the Los Altos Town Crier ) Winter really hits its stride in February. Between animals casting shadows (or not), Lunar New Years, red carpets, football finales, and celebrations of love, the festivities of February are many. Every four years, our calendar’s quirky month brings with it an extra day for fun, Leap Day. Traditions around Feb.  29 range from women proposing marriage to their partners, to a special title for people born on Leap Day, leaplings.   I’ll be marking this Leap Year with the pot pie of my dreams. A crème fraiche and tarragon sauce coated chicken breast and morel mushrooms in this indulgent, soul-warming meal. Covering the individual pies with puff pastr

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