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Cocktail party confidence: Strategies to keep 'host hostility' at bay this December

Cocktail parties are ideal events for novice entertainers and well-practiced party throwers alike. There’s no pressure to serve dinner, and guests can enjoy the opportunity to talk with everyone at the party rather than just those seated to their left and right. With every detail considered and unexpected luxuries scattered throughout, a cocktail party made for mingling is sure to make spirits bright this holiday season. What’s more, with a little preparation, hosts will enjoy the party as much as their guests and avoid the all-too-common, and dreaded, host hostility. My family defines “host hostility” as the panic and frantic feeling I can exhibit on the day of a party I’m throwing. I’ve found that the best way to avoid this is to remind myself that the party I’m throwing is a gift to my guests, and that everyone who is coming wants to be there. This, along with working to keep things simple, tends to take the pressure off. Additionally, I aim to have all my prep done at least 30 minu

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