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Practicing self-gratitude: Thanksgiving dinner, party of one

Thanksgiving can be a shape-shifter holiday. One year featuring a relaxed meal with immediate family can be followed by a year with a chaotic, four-day whirlwind navigating airport crowds, motorways and family dynamics. Regardless, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to show some love through special food and attention to the day’s details. If you find yourself celebrating solo style this Thanksgiving, use the day as an opportunity to appreciate yourself and your own company. A table set for one should be just as nourishing as a table set for a crowd. Make your Thanksgiving one to remember with special touches, amazing food and self-gratitude. Wow yourself Focusing on the details of the day will allow you to shower yourself in compassion. As I see it, the holiday is all about gathering. And while you might not be gathering family and friends, there is no reason to forgo the joyful collecting. Gather gratitude by making a morning list of things you’re thankful for. A cozy bed to wake from, w

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