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Friendsgiving brunch: A November menu to eat outdoors

Perhaps we call it Friendsgiving because saying “I’ve got too much gratitude in my heart for a single day to encompass” isn’t very catchy. Or maybe the blending of the words “friends” and “Thanksgiving” has taken on increasing popularity since its introduction circa 2012, because Thanksgiving is now a holiday with a season all its own. (written for the Los Altos Town Crier ) The month of November might be when stores go full-Christmas in their soundtracks and decor, but there is an undeniable appeal to languishing in the simple, cozy, food-focused traditions of Thanksgiving before we become shopping and gift-wrapping crazed. In fact, my family’s tradition for years before the portmanteau was ever uttered is to host friends for a leftovers feast on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, eking out that last bit of gratitude and joy before we embark on December’s festivities. Debate exists around when Friendsgiving ought to take place. And while it isn’t an official holiday, formal advice sugge

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