Globetrotting--one glass at a time!

I'm taking a trip around the world. And here's the really exciting thing: I'm not going to stand in a single airport security line. You can travel this way too. Just swing by your local wine shop and pick up wines from the major regions of the world. Then as the summer days go by, visit various countries with one night of international eating and drinking each week.
sampling white wines from around of the world

Here's a possible itinerary

Red: Malbec -- dry red wine
Great with spicy beef dishes... I'm thinking grilled skirt steak with chimichurri

White: Torrontes -- long lasting fruit flavors
Slice some chorizo and put on flatbread along with shredded Jack cheese for a quick pizza.

Red: Côtes du Rhône -- earthy and bright
Use this as your reason to take on Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

White: Sauternes -- honey and exotic fruits
Make a classic French dessert such as apple or pear tatin

White: Riesling -- peach and citrus
This spaetzle recipe looks fun...

Red: Sangiovese -- rich flavors, balanced tannins
Tomato sauce over pasta, pasta, pasta!

White: Pinot Grigio -- dry and crisp
Clam sauce over pasta, pasta, pasta!

New Zealand
White: Sauvignon Blanc -- herbacious and citrusy
Anything with goat cheese

Red: Rioja -- medium body with hints of fruit
You gotta make a paella

White: Albarino -- fresh, juicy, tropical notes
Grill some seafood and enjoy

Put away your passport and stop worrying about whether or not your mouthwash can go in your carry-on. You can take a trip around the world from the comfort of your own kitchen and the help of your local wine shop.


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