Pick a Pack of Picpoul!

I'm not kidding... If you find Picpoul on the shelves at your local wine shop, buy it. Maybe even in bulk. It's that good. It's summer in a bottle.

I was introduced to Picpoul in England, which actually makes sense. The British, not traditionally wine-growing folk, have embraced wines from around the world in ways we just don't do here in the USofA. It's easy to find seemingly obscure wines on the shelves of regular old grocery stores back in England. 

Since coming home, I've sought out Picpoul and discovered that it's available here too! I've only seen it at wine merchants thus far, but I suspect it is going to catch on like wildfire.

A little more about Picpoul
Picpoul (peek-pool) Blanc is a white wine varietal grown in the Rhone Valley and Languedoc regions of France. Sort of clear-green in color, it is delicate and fresh in the mouth with a nice lemon zing. Picpoul is a refreshing wine full of native-attributes (i.e. you can taste the seaside towns in which it is grown in every glass). Serve Picpoul beside Mediterranean fare and fall in love!

NOTE: The only thing that I can imagine making a glass of Picpoul better, is drinking it whilst listening to French electronic duo Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories.


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