La Vie en Rosé

Have ambitions to visit the South of France? I got the chance to go last month. It was too short of a trip. We could have stayed for a few more days, weeks, months. Hmmmm...think there may have even been a conversation about living among the rolling hills and vineyards indefinitely. 

We didn't do a whole lot of planning towards this trip, which I think is partially why it was just so memorable.
Here's my surefire recipe for your own amazing getaway:
Step 1: Get yourself (and some close friends/family) to the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France sometime in the summer months.
Step 2: Book a room at Masion Dix, the impeccably appointed and home-away-from-homeish bed and breakfast in the small town of Neffiés. Proprietors Erica and John are generous hosts and passionate experts on all things Languedoc.

Step 3: Live life unplanned for a few days. With Erica and John’s guidance you can: Ride bicycles through vineyards; kick your heels up an evening fete; eat bistro fare; make your way to a seaside town or simply lay beside the pool for hours on end.
Step 4: But make sure you plan to drink the locally produced rosé. Drink it with fresh salads, oozy cheese, cured meats, grilled fish, raw oysters, or just drink it on its own with an ice cube or two thrown in to help beat the heat.


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