Wine resolutions

My commitment to New Year's resolutions has never been very strong. I sort of think that if you're going to change something in your life, why wait for a new year.

That said, I do appreciate the liberating feeling that comes with the rolling of the calendar into a new year. So, I've decided to create a list of wine resolutions.
  1. I resolve to drink more old world wine -- hazard of living near so many amazing CA wineries is that I just don't go outside my comfort zone as often as I should
  2. Conversely, I resolve to explore more California wine regions -- I was recently asked about best wineries in Lodi and I just couldn't answer
  3. I resolve to further educate my sense of smell -- being gifted a nifty wine essence kit will make this easy
  4. I resolve to create more recipes and share them here along with pairing tips
Pulltex Complete Wine Set
That's it. I'll post updates on my efforts in the months to come!


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