Through and After The Woods

With paths that stretched out forever before us, we went exploring in The New Forest. Waiting for us post walk: glasses of The Pig Hut fruity Rosé (a blend of Grenache & Syrah). Dry and refreshing, the wine, much like our stroll in the woods, had us feeling full of life and bright with joy. 
Winemaker Michel Chapoutier produces three wines under The Pig Hut label exclusively for the THE PIG hotels. We only tried the rosé while staying at the hotel group's New Forest outpost, Lime Wood
Under the canopy of the trees, the world seems so dim, 
But, in grassy clearings, the sunlight is suddenly let in.
Trees, caught from falling, stand at an angle, inclined; 
With other trees, their twisted limbs are now entwined.
(from "The New Forest," by Angela Wybrow)


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