Little Kitchen Big Life

When we moved into our home, the house was freshened up for sale but hadn't been touched in any meaningful way since being built in the 1940s. The old kitchen cupboards were painted white -- my preferred color -- but the room was dated and awkwardly laid-out. The stove was electric. Prior to seeing the house, I'd insisted that an electric stove would be a deal breaker for me. But the house gave off a happy vibe and we knew we were home the very first day we saw it. 

A year into living here, and while I was pregnant, we remodeled. Through a brutal heat wave the work was done. I spent my days on bed-rest. I'd throw something into the crock-pot in the morning then lie on the ground and let my toddler push trucks over my stomach for as long as that'd keep him busy. We laugh looking back at the amount of stews and soups we ate during the absurdly hot evenings. But what's a remodel without comedy and discomfort? By late October that year, we had a spanking new kitchen!

The kitchen footprint didn't grow, but the functionality increased dramatically. Running the counter-tops along a previous empty and unused wall was huge. Angling the double sink maximized space. Installing a Thermador six-burner stove was the crown jewel of it all. 

I like my kitchen every day. I like how we all crowd into it morning, noon and night. As homework is happening at the table, I'm working on new recipes. On weekends, the back door swings open and slams shut countless times as kids run in and out of the back garden. The room is the heart of our home. It stands as proof that size isn't everything when it comes to a kitchen!


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