Valentine's Round Up

The Valentine's Day articles I get to write each year are some of my all time favorites! Afterall, love and wine have much in common. Wine is made of love -- with passionate producers putting their heart and soul into what they grow and bottle. And wine is made for love -- turning ordinary meals into special occassions. Some of my favorite Valentine Day articles are here. Take a deep dive into all things wine and love. 

Matchmaking: Food & Wine Pairing Made Easy: "A great pairing can either echo the attributes of the food it is served with or introduce entirely new flavors and sensations.

Romance & Wine: "A well-chosen bottle of wine is more than just a present. It’s a statement of true understanding of your love’s desires." 

Galentine's Day Celebrates the Romance of Truly Great Pals: "As with many of life’s most wonderful things, my friends are an unplanned blessing."

The Domesticated Cupid: "Simple acts of kindness scattered throughout domestic life stoke the passions of love, and demonstrate how two hearts can become one in life."

Galentine's Day Lunch: "As a massive fan of both puns and friendships, I’m all for a day with a clever name and a goal of honoring gal pals."

Cupid Takes Aim: Pairing Wine with Dessert: "Apart from mouthfeel, the basic guidance for dessert and wine pairing is to make sure the sweetness of the dessert matches the sweetness of the wine."


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