Why is the earth beautiful?

Enjoy this video and see the poem written below (poem published in Lent Words). 

Why is the earth beautiful?


The earth is beautiful so that

sometimes, while doing dishes,

sunlight can stream in from the window

and turn the bubbles on the back of

your hand to a scattering of rainbows

resting on your flesh.

It’s beautiful so that when you’re

in a hospital room the churning

sound of the monitors

will remind you of the cicadas’

hum from your island holiday,

the ever-present vibration matched

only by your blood flow in its essential


When your friend calls with news of her

divorce and mentions through tears that a

hummingbird has just passed by, you know

the value of the earth’s beauty then.

It is to remind her that there is ease

awaiting her -- even if just a fluttering.

Or when you take the time to look up

and find reason for pure awe at the

sky above you, the beauty of the earth

makes sense then too. The earth is beautiful

because she loves you. And like a true

lover she gives and cares and nurtures.

She feeds you sweet fruit and makes

a place for you to shelter. It is her reassuring beauty

that calls me to jump into the lake

whose depth terrifies even

as I remind myself that this

is the closest I will come to flying

-- my feet moving as if wings; my body

suspended 1,600 feet above ground.

You see, I don’t have a concise

answer for Earth’s

extraordinary beauty.

But I do believe she

gives artists

something to reach for

and poets something to

praise. In her love we make

love and music and dance

and work and play.

She is beautiful. We must

stay amazed.


  1. This is just amazing Christine, you have really touched the core of mother earth, and how much she loves and abides with us and even within every cell of our bodies. Thank you for seeing so clearly the union of all beings and things; with grand appreciation and applause for you, your sis, Rebecca. ❤️🙏🏽🤗

  2. I loved this so much! Thank you for creating and sharing this! Love you!

  3. Reading these words and seeing these images accompanied by sweet simple musical sounds grounded me for a little bit... much needed, much appreciated! Beautiful! Grateful for your poetic, artistic gifts! xo, Denise

    1. I love hearing from you, Denise. Much appreciated 💗💗💗

  4. I understand your words so much. I tell my girls, "Look for the beauty around you, everyday." They tell me that I'm an aesthete... and I thank them for saying it! :-) AND THANK YOU for sharing this! xoxo

    1. Thank you! Ahhh...I love that you are a proud aesthete and that your daughters recognize that in you! 🎇

  5. I remember when I moved here, I said to the kids, look at the what the mountain is doing today, it's beautiful! It didn't matter if it was cloudy or clear, you could see and feel God's love. What a blessing and so are your beautiful words. R xo

    1. Thank you so much for this loving comment. I love that your care of your children included instilling wonder and awe in their lives. Those are skills that open life up and sustain us in the most challenging of times. xoxo

    2. Christine-
      How glorious! I couldn’t help but have many images come to mind of our beautiful Mother Earth and all of her glory that we witnessed while traveling this summer. Your words and these images together are magical! 💕.


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