Trying something different...

Earlier this week, I shared my guacamole recipe. Today, the fifth of May, I'm reposting my thoughts on why Torrontes is a wine you should be drinking this Cinco de Mayo. Or, for that matter, any day you serve tacos.


Tacos and Torrontes

I soaked, sorted and slow cooked pinto beans. I seasoned and seared a pork butt. I made guacamole, grated cotija cheese, listened to Lord Huron, squeezed limes, chopped garlic, halved an orange and made promises about inviting company over the next time I generate such a mountain of food. Then, with the beans on a coddle and the pork making its low and slow way to becoming tacos, I thought about what to drink.

what to drink with pork tacos?
Margaritas, obviously. Cold beer, absolutely. Rose, Pinot Noir, Mexican Coke, yes, yes and yes... I vetoed each of these options. Driven to try something different, I decided to chill a bottle of Lamadrid 2011 Torrontes. 

Here's why I'd serve it with this meal again and again: 
There's just the right amount of minerality in the wine to hold its own against the spicy flavors of the pork tacos. Having a few pre-dinner sips proved that this wine can be enjoyed sans-food, but the smoky meat helped the wine show-off its nice buttery spots. Also exciting was how the grapefruit flavors of the Torrontes brought a lovely cheerfulness to the food. Great with the salty tortilla chips and guacamole too.

a choice I'd make again!

A little more on Torrontes (tor-rahn-TEZ)
It has been rumored that Torrontes, a white grape and type of wine from Argentina, is going to take America by storm for some years now. So far, however, it is still a somewhat unknown varietal. I say seek it out at your market or local wine shop. Producers describe it as a 'fun' wine, and the way it bounces around in the mouth is fun. When done with care, the wine balances its acidity with wonderful perfume notes. When done poorly it is somewhat sour and overly alcoholic. Drink it young and look for producers from the La Rioja region in Argentina.


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